CNB 4 Channel DVR (HD-TVI/CVI/AHD/960H) with 2 Outdoor Mini Bullet IR + 2 Indoor Mini Dome IR Camera (TVI) System


Product Description

Perfect for both outdoors & indoors and places that will turn dark. 2 Mega Pixel, 4 Channel HD-Analog system with 4 in 1 DVR (HD-TVI/CVI/AHD/960H) and 2 Outdoor Mini Bullet IR Cameras and 2 Indoor Mini Dome IR Cameras (TVI).


What is a Fusion IR Camera?

First of all, an IR Camera, or an IR-LED Camera is a camera that is equipped with an IR LED (or Infrared light-emitting diode). IR LEDs in cameras allows the camera to view the image when there is minimal to no light and even at pitch-black level of darkness. IR LEDs will turn on automatically, providing a black and white image of the monitoring area, thus 24 hours of surveillance is possible. IR LED Cameras are perfect for warehouse, basement, and baby and kids' room environments. Our Fusion IR Camera combines the technology of an IR LED Camera along with the X-Poser / Starlight feature, using either feature which best fits the environment to ensure the best picture quality at night or dark.
Fusion IR Camera


What is X-Poser / Starlight

Our cameras are all equipped with X-Poser or Starlight features. Generally, if a non-IR-LED camera installed surrounding area becomes dark, video image will still appear, but there will be a lot of noise and the video image almost non-visible. The X-poser/Starlight feature will allow the image to be clean, without noise, and fully colored even at dark environments even without an IR LED. All it will need is a minimal lighting as much as a backlight of a mobile phone. If an area needs to be monitored where there is no light source at all, then the camera will require an IR-LED.

cnb x-poser 

Bullet vs Dome

Bullet cameras are great to install in corners, while dome cameras are great for walls or ceilings installations, especially in the middle of the room. It all depends on where you want to place your camera and where you want to monitor. It is also a matter of design preference, as well. Typically, bullet cameras are more easy to install, while dome cameras have lower intrusiveness. Also, our bullet camera has an IP66 rating with weatherproof housing, which is suitable for outdoor environment installations.
onestopgadget bullet and dome camera


What is 4-in-1 HD DVR

Camera resolution is generally quoted mostly in Mega Pixels. Conventional analog cameras' resolution are shown as 960H (Horizontal Lines) and HD analog cameras come in form of TVI, CVI, AHD, and SDI. SDI is one of the more expensive solutions. Most economic and cost effective HD cameras come in TVI, CVI and AHD solutions. The catch is, if you have a TVI camera, you will need a TVI DVR. The same goes for others. However, the 4-in-1 HD DVR supports all TVI, CVI, AHD or Analog/960H cameras. The 4-in-1 DVR can support one type of format at once, allowing users to choose more flexibly rather than being able to choose from analog HD camera format only.
cnb 4in1 dvr


Video Management Software

Client Software and Mobile App allows users to monitor and manage their device (recorder and camera) remotely. It is hard to put a monitoring system where the Recorder (DVR) is installed, due to many possible reasons. The Recorder may have to be installed in a basement or outside in a small compartment or warehouse. Thus, installing a Client Software on your Laptop or PC and Mobile APP on your mobile devices will allow users to take control of the equipments from anywhere.
cnb cmscnb mobile app

How to Install

All you will need is a power adapter, a power cable and a coaxial cable with desired length, depending on where you want to install your cameras and DVR. Simply install the cameras at designated locations, connect the power and DVR, connect the DVR to a monitor and you are finished. If you want to utilize the Client Software and Mobile App, connect the DVR to internet via Ethernet cable, and install the ViewClient Software on your Laptop or PC, or the ViewCam App on your mobile phone, and you will have remote access directly from your mobile devices.

Product Details

1. DVR : RHR041 x 1
- 4CH HD-TVI, HD-AHD, HD-CVI, 960H video input, 1080P recording
- Display : HDMI 1080P, VFA 1080P
- Recording : 60fps@1080p, TVI/AHD/CVI/960H
- Playback : 60fps@1080p
- Storage : 1 SATA
- Video Input : 4CH
- Video Output : 1 HDMI / 1 VGA
- Audio In/Out : 4/1
- Mini 1U Case, 1 RS485

2. IR Mini Bullet Camera : AB21-0CHR x 2
- Fusion IR HD-TVI 2M Bullet Camera
- 1/3" Progressive scan CMOS Sensor
- 3.6mm (F1.8)
- HD-TVI (2M 1920x1080P)
- Super IR LED 2EA
- DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)
- x-poser/starlight (x32)
- WDR, BLC, AGC(Auto)
- IP66 weatherproof housing
- DC 12V
- Power Consumption 370mA/4.5W (Max)

3. IR Mini Dome Camera : AD21-0CHR x 2
- Fusion IR HD-TVI 2M Plastic mini Camera
- 1/3" Progressive scan CMOS Sensor
- HD-TVI (2M 1920x1080P)
- 3.6mm (F1.8)
- Super IR LED 2EA
- DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)
- x-poser/starlight (x32)
- Digital Zoom (x12)
- BLC (Backlight Compensation)
- MIRROR (Horizontal)
- DC 12V
- Power Consumption 370mA/4.5W (Max)

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