Amazon Kindle & Fire Hack Proof USB Data Blocker Charging Cable FC-3XL

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Amazon Kindle & Fire Hack Proof USB Data Blocker Charging Cable FC-3XL

AMPTEC USB Data Blocker Charging Cable with the most efficient technology charges any devices that support Micro USB with Data Blocker feature embedded.


Distinct Color

Designed to be easily distinguished among many cables, don’t spend time testing and going through your cables to check which is a fast charging cable.



Data Blocker Feature

  • PROTECT YOUR DATA - Protect your Phone, Tablets and devices from getting hacked while charging in public charging stations!

  • USB DATA BLOCKER - USB data blocker blocks any unwanted data transfers, hacking and malware downloads to your device when using public USB charging stations.

  • PEACE OF MIND - Your device and sensitive data is protected whenever you are charging in public places with the USB Data Blocker Adapter.

  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY - Light and small enough to carry in your pocket - don't risk your security and protect your device and data whenever and wherever you go!


Durable Design

Made of thick PVC material for a longer lifetime.



Universal Compatibility

Works great with Amazon Kindle e-Readers, Fire Tablets, any Micro USB charged phones, tablets, and other devices.


Travel Friendly

CHARGE ANYWHERE using Amptec FC-3XL USB Cable from your PC Desktop, Laptop, Adapter and Car! The data blocker feature blocks unwanted data transfers or hacking when charging in public charging stations like airports, public transportation, cafes and more!


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