PS2 to USB Connector Converter Adapter

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This converter allows you to connect a PS / 2 mouse and keyboard through the USB port on any computer. You can continue using your beloved PS2 devices that performs flawlessly. Continue working with your PS / 2 devices with USB ports on your PCs!

- PS/2-to-USB ADAPTOR - Adaptor for those who like to continue using their PS/2 devices. Connect your mouse and keyboard to your computer by using only one USB port
- SUITABLE FOR PS / 2 DEVICES - Two PS2 female ports, purple for keyboard and green for mouse, and one USB male connector to connect to your computer USB port.
- BUILT-IN USB-IC - You can use the PS2 to USB Adaptor to connect your keyboard and mouse with PS2 interface to USB 2. 0 port at PC or laptop. It also supports PS/2 Port of KVM Switch.
- UNIVERSAL - Fits with industrial and professional needs

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