Hacking Proof USB Data Blocker Adapter | Data Defender | Smartphone USB Condom FC-3XD

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Amptec Hack Proof USB Data Blocker Adapter FC-3XD

AMPTEC USB Data Blocker Adapter is compatible with Android and iOS USB charging cables. With your standard charging cables, it provides blocks unwanted data transfers and provides protection against hacking or 'Juice Jacking'.

- Output Current : 1.6AMP
- Weight: 0.35oz (10g)
- Material: PVC
- Color: Black


usb data blocker juice jacking

Protect Your Device!

Protect your device from "juice jacking" or getting hacked when plugging into USB charging ports at public places like airports, public transportation, cafes and when traveling. Recent discovery informed that hacker can hack into your device - either installing malware or surreptitiously copying sensitive data from a smart phone, tablet, or other computer device - when plugged in via USB port at unsecured public charging stations. 

Researchers at security firm Kaspersky Labs discovered a simple and effective way to install third-party applications, like viruses, onto any smart phone via its USB cable. According to their findings as reported by the London Telegraph: "They also found that the Android and iOS phones tested, leaked a host of private data, including the device name, device manufacturer, device type, serial number and even a list of files."




Small Device, Huge Protection!

This small, compact, portable and lightweight device is all you need to protect yourself from public USB charging stations. Simply plug your USB cable directly into the Amptec FC-3XD USB Data Blocker and then plug your FC-3XD USB Data Blocker into the charging port or any computer's USB port. The FC-3XD USB Data Blocker prevents the charging port from connecting and transferring your data. Your files are 100% secured.

Travel Safe!

Traveling requires lots of battery usage for your phone or any devices, while charging options are limited. Don't risk your device and data by charging at public charging stations unprotected. The Amptec FC-3XD Data Blocker offers the protection you never knew you needed. It’s like insurance against hacking at an affordable price. Next time you travel, think twice about public charging stations.

Charge your device using the FC-3XD USB Data Blocker from anywhere - from your PC Desktop, Laptop, your Car, Public Transportation, Airport, Cafes - anywhere with a USB port! Simply attach the Amptec USB Data Blocker adapter on the USB charging station, use ANY cable, and charge your phone or any devices fully with a peace of mind. Save your precious data and device from anywhere and whenever you are on the go.



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