Covi-Patch - Adhesive Thermometer Patch (20 Count)


- What is Covi-Patch?

Covi-Patch is a disposable medical appliance that is an adhesive thermometer patch that allows easy detection of high fever in real-time. Covi-Patch is a simple sticker that can adhere to the body for instant temperature tracking all day long and can adhere to the body for up to 7 days.

  • Disposable Medical Appliance
  • Detect Body Fever Continuously and with Ease
    • Easy detection in group setting for immediate isolation
    • Simple sticker
    • No additional person needed to check temperature of each person
  • Adhesive Thermometer Band
    • Instant temperature tracking all day long
    • Can be used in any setting
    • Adheres to body up to 7 days

- Color Changes

High fevers can be detected with the Covi-Patch color change that indicates the body temperature of individuals. 

    • Yellow : High Temperature - 99.5°F / 37.5°C
    • Green : Normal Temperature - 97.7°F / 36.5°C
    • Brown : Low Temperature - 95°F / 35°C

    - Advantages of Covi-Patch

    • Admission Pass into Public Place
      • Can be used anywhere, especially at social gatherings with large numbers of people.
      • e.g. School, Sporting Events, Office, Concerts, Etc.
    • Quick method to self check
      • Self protection -> protection to all
    • Give assurance to the public environment
      • Public feels safe, if individual demonstrates safety.
      • Individual feels safe, if public demonstrates safety.
    • Easy Indicator to notify if medical attention is needed

    • Customizable graphic and shape


    - Bundle Package Option (Please contact us for more information)

    • Can be used as an Admission Pass
    • Contact-less. No additional personnel required to check temperature
    • Easy to Implement and Easy to Access
    • Wall Mount or Stand Type Dispenser
    • Cost Saving
      • Bundle Roll Package
      • No Labor


    - HOW TO USE

    1. Take Off. Pull out and take off the Covi-Patch
    1. Put On. Attach the Covi-Patch directly on to the places where body temperature can be detected (e.g. wrist, face, and neck area)
    1. Check the Color. Color of Covi-Patch will change with change in body temperature.



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